Proposal Support Services

Reynolds Technical Solutions (RTS) provides professional program management and systems engineering services that facilitates business capture through the development of winning proposals. Through collaboration with your existing staff, we leverage their knowledge base while minimizing time away from their existing duties. Services include Proposal management, Request for Proposal (RFP) analysis, risk analysis, solutions architecture, technical writing, Integrated Master Plan & Schedule (IMP/IMS) development, and graphics development.

Program Management Planning

Reynolds Technical Solutions provides program management planning services that sets your program up for success, via certified Program Management Professionals (PMP).  RTS can help develop your program management plan and all subsidiary plans such as the financial management plan, risk management plan and subcontract management plan.  With proven experience throughout the product life cycle, RTS can help prepare your team by planning for the complexes of production, integration, test and evaluation.

System Engineering Solutions

Reynolds Technical Solutions provides systems engineering solutions to help guide the technical management of product development and system integration. With over 20 years of systems engineering experience, RTS can help your organizational plan for a successful technical execution for your program.

RTS can help guide your team through requirements development, systems architecture, rugged hardware design, prototyping, test and evaluation programs including environmental, EMI/EMC and cyber security.

Augment your staff for success

Reynolds Technical Solutions augments your staff when it matters most, proposal time!

RTS can help your organization create a winning proposal and prepare for a successful program while minimizing the impact to your key employees.

RTS is able to fill many capability gaps in your proposal team from a wide variety of skills.

Next Steps…

The sooner you get RTS involved with your proposal effort, the more impact we are able to make toward your success. Please, give us a call today!